Denon, DN-F300 Solid State Audio Player.

Ideal for audio playback in a myriad of demanding applications, including Background Music (BGM), Fitness and Aerobics, DJ and Broadcast.

 DN-F300, Overview.

This Denon F300 is compact yet has many possibilities. This will definitely make this SD player a very popular product. In addition to the regular play and CUE buttons, the F300 is equipped with a couple of Denon’s DJ functions, that are placed in an easily accessible way. This SD card has a seamless loop function, a pitch with a rotary knob and tempo lock, a pitch bend and even several playing modes! The display is neatly arranged and takes up a large part of the console. In this way you’ll have all the essential information such as time, pitch percentage, BPM and track. You can search through the folders in different ways. You can use the buttons but also the rotary knob. This rotary knob is versatile as you can search through your tracks slowly and quickly. If you press the knob, you select a track. Although it has many functions, its casing is quite compact so it will only take up 1 U of space in your 19 inch rack.

DN-F300. Feature List.

  • solid state player
  • SD slot for SD and SDHC memory cards
  • USB input for the connection of USB sticks and external hard disks
  • supports .WAV and .MP3 files
  • OLED LCD display
  • infra red control
  • seamless loop
  • 12 % pitch with tempo lock
  • pitch bend
  • 19 inch, 1 U build-in height
  • microphone input
  • remote control included

DN-F300. Specification.

Compatible media types:

SD or SDHC Flash memory cards, maximum capacity 32GB.
External USB memory device or USB hard drive.
File system:

FAT16 or FAT32.
Playback file formats:

MP3: Stereo or mono, 44.1kHz, 16-bit, 14 bit rates from 32kbps to 320kbps, plus variable (VBR).
WAV: Stereo or mono, 44.1kHz, 16-bit.

Microphone inputs: -38dBV maximum sensitivity, 1000 ohms, unbalanced. Response: 20 to 20000Hz, +/-1dB. Distortion: 0.006%, 1kHz, 0dB. Noise: -97dB, 1kHz. Outputs: 2.0V RMS maximum, 1000 ohms, unbalanced. Headphones: 20mW into 32ohms. Power source: 6V DC, 12W, with supplied AC adaptor. Dimensions: 482 x 44mm x 129 (w x d x h)mm, 1U rack-mounting 129mm deep. Weight: 1.6kg.

Denon F300 Rear Panel, Images.


DN-F300 Rear Panel


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