Prodys, Ikusnet2 ST

The Prodys Ikusnet2 ST is a rack mounting unit that encodes and decodes H.265/H.264 video.

Ikusnet2 ST. Overview.

The Ikusnet2 ST supports a separate bidirectional audio stream as a coordination/talkback channel to send and receive voice instructions to and from the field unit, at the same time it is able to send and receive the main video and audio program feed.

Ikusnet2 ST supports file recording on an optional internal hard disk or an external storage device (USB). Files can be moved between two Ikusnet2 codecs or can be uploaded to an FTP server. When sending files to Ikusnet2 ST, the portable unit implements bandwidth aggregation using all of the available IP links on the unit to make file transfer much faster and reliable.

Ikusnet2 ST has been designed to be as easy to use as possible and can be operated either from a detachable touch panel menu or built-in web interface. Comprehensive definable presets allow the unit to be setup in advance, so that non-technical users can accomplish live broadcasts quickly and easily.

Ikusnet2 ST. Feature List.

  • Bidirectional live video + talkback audio streams.
  • AVC(H.264)/HEVC(H.265) HD/SD Live video broadcasting over IP networks.
  • Support multiple 3G/4G/Dual-Ethernet/Wi-Fi link aggregation of up to 10 links.
  • Live Recording and fast FTP file upload.
  • Multiple transmission protocols: BRAVE™ (BitRate Adaptive Video Encoding), MPEG-TS and RTMP.
  • Permits the assembling of up to 10 incoming sub-streams and its restreaming to other MPEG-TS and/or RTMP compatible codecs.
  • Compression and streaming of up to 4 SDI embedded audio channels.
  • FEC, Active Packet Recovery and Error Concealment to reduce the impact of packet losses..
  • NAT Traversal Remote control via ProdysControlPlus.
  • File storage using internal HD or external USB memory.
  • 1080i to 720p and 576/480i to 576/480p deinterlacer included.

Ikusnet2 ST. Specification.

General Features

  • 2 x RJ-45 Fast Ethernet ports to split data and control or for bandwidth aggregation.
  • Auxiliary storage via internal Hard Disk or USB device.
  • Simultaneous recording during live reception.
  • BRAVE™ (BitRate Adaptive Video Encoding), MPEG-TS and RTMP protocols for audio and video reception and re-streaming over IP.
  • FEC, Error Concealment and Active Packet Recovery to mitigate network impairments.
  • Configurable transmission delay to adapt to different network types and performances.
  • Real time Network Monitoring Tools and statistics.
  • 2 x USB 2.0 connectors for peripherals.
  • NAT Traversal Remote Control via ProdysControlPlus.

Video Features

  • 2 video outputs for Program.
  • Broadcast BNC connectors.
  • H.265/H.264 standard encoding with selectable bitrates starting at low bit rates.
  • Selectable or automatic bitrate to optimize transmission quality network conditions.
  • SD and HD compatible.
  • Factory and custom encoding presets for fast operation.
  • Genlock input.
  • 1080i to720p and 576/480i to 576/480p deinterlacer.

Audio Features

  • 2 audio channels: Program and Talkback.
  • Balanced broadcast SubD connectors.
  • Compression and streaming over IP of up to 4 SDI embedded audio channels.
  • AAC and HE AAC encoding algorithms.
  • AAC ELD encoding in the talkback channel.

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