Prodys, ProdysControl Plus

A universal management system designed to allow a quick and easy way to configure and control Prodys audio & video codecs.

ProdysControlPlus is a Windows based application which offers centralised management of all Prodys audio and video over IP codecs. Codecs that can be controlled using ProdysControlPlus are the current Quantum and Ikusnet product range, as well as the previous generation of audio codecs which includes ProntoNetNomada and Nereus.

The main advantages of ProdysControlPlus:

  • Allows codec remote management through firewalls and 3G/4G communications.
  • Much easier to install and maintain due to a simpler database system.
  • Enhanced graphics interface to establish calls faster and easier.
  • No hardware dongle required.
  • User-configurable graphical background.
  • Video codecs management.


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