Prodys, Quantum Lite

A new lightweight & robust, high-performance handheld audio IP codec with Opus & apt-X as standard.

Quantum Lite Handheld Audio IP Codec & Studio Base Station. Overview.

  Quantum Lite is Prodys’ new handheld audio codec for professionals having no equal in the broadcast market. This device enables extremely reliable field audio contributions over wireless networks by means of concurrent use of two UMTS /LTE network connections.

Using the Quantum Lite in a Live operation offers the user:

No risk when double SIM operation is enabled.
No risk as there is with incoming GSM calls disturbing your smartphone codec app.
No risk as a large battery capacity is provided.
No risk as professional XLR cabled microphones can be used directly.
No risk as input/output level & cue balance controls are high quality professional pots & knobs.

Quantum Lite can combine up to 4 up-link IP connections: 2x UMTS/LTE, 1x Ethernet & 1x Wifi (optionally) for any scenario.

This device also turns “off-line” jobs into easy tasks with its embedded audio recording and transfer.

The Quantum Lite is exactly right for reporting journalists who take the task to hand seriously.

Quantum Lite. Feature List.

  • Low delay audio encoding with Opus & Aptx.
  • XLR mic/line input. Headphone output.
  • 2nd stereo audio input /output.
  • 3x push-lock audio controls for mic, local headphone and return signal control.
  • Inherits world-class IP technology from the Prodys Audio/Video codec family (BRAVE protocol) with full error correction method and bonding.
  • Double UMTS /LTE operation. (Double SIM registration).
  • 1x Ethernet interface.
  • Wi-Fi interface (Optional).
  • Hand-held reporter codec.
  • User friendly interface via touch panel. Intuitive handling.
  • Large autonomy battery.
  • Audio recording on SD memory, playback and file transfer.

Quantum Lite. Specification.

Dimensions & Weight
  • Width: 177mm; Height: 43 mm; Depth: 93 mm.
  • Weight with battery : 580 g.
Power Supply & Battery
  • 1x Li-pol battery (autonomy 4h) (+ optional spare batteries).
  • 1x VDC input (operation & charging).
User interface
  • 1x capacitive touch panel 95 x 55mm.
  • 1x remote web control.
Audio inputs /outputs & controls
  • 1x XLR microphone /line input with phantom.
  • 1x headphone mini jack output Ø3.5mm.
  • 1x line level stereo input mini jack input Ø3.5mm.
  • 1x line level stereo output mini jack input Ø3.5mm.
  • 1x stereo audio USB input /output port.
  • 3x push-lock controls for mic, local headphone and return signal control.
  • 2x integrated UMTS /LTE modems (micro SIM slots).
  • 1x Ethernet port (10/100BaseTx Ethernet, RJ45 connector).
  • 1x USB port (Wi-Fi port)
  • BRAVE protocol with bonding or diversity.
  • OPUS & Aptx audio compression.
Other functions
  • 1x audio recording on removable SD memory (micro SD slot).

Quantum Lite Base Station. Specification.

QLST is the ideal studio mate for the handheld Quantum Lite product. Alternatively any base station member of the Quantum family can inter operate with Quantum Lite.

Dimensions & Weight
  • 1/2 19” x 1RU (210 x 42 x 173mm, W x H x D).
  • Weight: 500 g.
Power Supply
  • VDC input 90V to 264V  –  Connector plug Ø5.5 x Ø2.5 x 11mm.
Audio inputs /outputs
  • 1x analogue stereo input /output (L & R) with XLR connectors
  • 1x control Ethernet (LAN1, 10/100BaseTx Ethernet, RJ45 connectors).
  • 1x streaming Ethernet (LAN2, 10/100BaseTx Ethernet, RJ45 connectors).
  • 2x USB for external memory (file transfer reception).
  • BRAVE protocol with bonding or diversity.
  • OPUS & Aptx audio compression.
  • Embedded web browser control.
  • Front power on/off.
  • LED status indication for mayor alarm, minor alarm and power-on.
  • Optional removable touch panel control.

Quantum Lite & QLST Base Station, Images.

Quantum Lite Handheld Unit


Control Panel


QLST Base Station

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