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Audio Design. Company RoHS Compliance Statement

All products supplied by Audio & Design Reading Ltd, that are manufactured after 1st July 2006, and are not exempt, will comply to RoHS standards 2002/95/EC.

Audio & Design Reading Ltd practices lead – free manufacturing processes. Lead free solder is used on the surface – mount PC B manufacturing processes and for hand soldering. Printed circuit boards used are immersion tin plated, and as such use no lead. The manufacturing processes include the assembly of purchased components from various sources. Our products are offered as RoHS compliant, or lead free, only after sufficient evidence is received from the component manufacturers that their components are RoHS compliant.

Audio & Design Reading Ltd relies solely on the distributor, or manufacturer of the components for identification of RoHS compliance. Whilst every effort is made to ensure compliance, Audio & Design Reading Ltd makes no warranty, or certification, or declaration of compliance concerning said components.

Audio & Design Reading Ltd defines ” Lead Free ” as pertaining to any product, which has been manufactured by Audio & Design Reading Ltd using components which have been declared by the manufacturers as “Lead Free “. All statements by Audio & Design Reading Ltd of RoHS compliance are based on component manufacturer documentation.