The ProDAB Series: Professional DAB & FM Receiver/Monitor.

A professional DAB Receiver so you can monitor and control with confidence from anywhere!

ProDAB Series, Overview.

The ProDAB is a Professional DAB Receiver allowing you to monitor and control radio broadcasts with confidence from Anywhere!

Specifically designed for professional applications where reliability is the key factor. The ProDAB will not only transparently survive dynamic MUX reconfigurations, but also supports a full raft of functions that make this unit an ideal choice for mission critical applications.


2 models available:

ProDAB-2 Dual – Twin tuner unit with 2 separate stereo outputs supports DAB/DAB+ & FM, Diversity, Web Radio & MP3 Playout. Automatic “lockout” on front panels controls to prevent accidental changing of configuration. Built-in web server for control and status monitoring as well as live streaming of audio content.

ProDAB-1 Plus – Single tuner unit which offers the same features as the ProDAB-2 Dual but excludes Diversity and has 1 stereo output.

ProDAB-1 Plus & ProDAB-2 Dual, Feature List.

  • Balanced audio outputs on XLR with multi-turn preset adjustable level controls.
  • AES3 digital output with adjustable sampling rates.
  • AES67 & Multicast Connectivity
  • Support for DAB/DAB+.
  • Stereo FM Receiver.
  • MP3 stand-by play out with adjustable silence detect threshold **
  • Dual, Independent or Diversity Operation (ProDAB-2 Dual only)
  • Mono/Stereo configurable.
  • Full range of GPIO including selection of Presets/Profiles, Traffic Flag (FM) & Mono/Stereo.
  • 4 Selectable Preset/Profiles – allows station or complete configuration selection.
  • RS232 output of RDS data and Service information (DAB/DAB+).
  • LAN control and monitoring of status and audio via Internet.
  • Built-in web server.
  • FTP server for uploading MP3 files.
  • USB connection for USB flash drive (MP3 play out).
  • Internet Web Radio Player **
  • High resolution white OLED display.
  • Head phone output with volume control.
  • Off-air confidence receiver.
  • SNMP, SNMP traps & RSSI/SNR monitoring.
  • Fail Over – DAB/FMƒ„DAB/FMƒ„Web or MP3 **

** Note Web and MP3 play-out limited to one tuner channel at a time

ProDAB-1 Plus & ProDAB-2 Dual, Specification.

Audio Outputs
  • Analogue audio: 3pin XLR – Balanced output level adjustable +18dBu to -2dBu ref fsd.
  • Digital audio: AES3 3pin XLR menu adjustable sampling rates from 32kHz to 96kHz.
  • IP audio: AES67 & Multicast Connectivity
  • Headphone: ¼ inch Stereo jack, output suitable of headphone of greater than 30 Ω
  • 25way D female, outputs open collector, inputs 5v 10kΩ.
  • Preset/Profile selection, Mono/Stereo.
  • RDS Traffic flag, Mono/Stereo.
  • Output of RDS data and DAB service information.
  • Ethernet 10/100, supports static IP or DHCP.
  • F-Type socket for Band-3/FM.
  • ETSI EN 300 401 compliant receiver. All Modes (I, II, III, and IV) support.
  • BS5942-2 / BS 60315-4.
RF Input frequency range
  • FM: 87.5~108MHz.
  • Band-3: 174~240MHz.
RF Sensitivity
  • DAB/DAB+: 2.0µV BER = 10-4 typical.
  • FM: 0.7µV SINAD = 26dB typical.
Audio output DAB Band 3 (Transmitted algorithm dependant)
  • THD: 0.026 % typ.
  • SNR: 81db typ.
  • Stereo separation: 53dB typ.
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz ±3dB typ.
Audio output FM
  • THD: 0.1% Mono typical.
  • SNR: 60dB Stereo typical.
  • Stereo separation: 45dB typ..
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-15kHz ±3dB typ.
  • 90v – 240vac 50/60Hz.
  • 19 inch rack mounting 1RU x 212mm (8.35”) deep.
  • ProDAB-1 Plus – 1.65Kg (net)  ProDAB-2 Dual – 1.75Kg (net)

ProDAB-1 & ProDAB-2, Images.

ProDAB-1 Plus Mode.

ProDAB-1 & 2 Select Mode


DAB Receiver Information displayed

ProDAB-1 & 2 Display & Confidence Metering


ProDAB-2 Dual Tuner Select & Diversity


Professional DAB Receiver & Monitor

ProDAB-2 Dual Front Panel


Professional DAB Receiver & Monitor

ProDAB-2 Dual Rear Panel (click image to expand)


Professional DAB Receiver & Monitor

ProDAB-1 Plus Front Panel


ProDAB-1 Plus Rear Panel (click on image to expand)

ProDAB Professional DAB & FM Receiver
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