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Originators of the renowned F760X-RS Compex Limiter/Compressor which as a sound processor, predominately influenced drum and vocal sound techniques used in the music recording industry throughout the 70's & 80's. more >>

Currently Audio Design employs it's experience and skills producing one of the finest Master Clock Generators available for the recording studio and broadcast industry.....SyncroGenius. Master Clock Generator

No more synchronisation issues with High Definition Video and High quality Audio.

The new SyncroGenius HD-Pro provides:
A very high quality, extremely low jitter synchronous HD/SD Video, AES/EBU reference clock and Wordclock. These can be Genlocked from all HD & SD video sources,
all digital audio clocks or from an internal temperature compensated crystal oscillator which gives exceptionally high stability and low jitter.
A softlock action allows frame & clock outputs to run continuously with no disturbance when input reference sources are removed or re-established.

Toby Marks of Banco De Gaia has this to say about his SyncroGenius :)
I've always been rather sceptical about the effect a decent clock can have on digital audio, but with the arrival of the Syncrogenius I am now convinced. Switching to this from my audio interface's internal clock immediately cleans up the bottom end, I realise I have been listening to an ill-defined, muddy mess but now I hear exactly what is going on. Mixing is so much easier and the results much more reliable, I really don't know how I managed to complete anything before I had this."
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Probox 12 ProPak AudioMate

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CDR & Portable Solid State Recorders

Very Latest Rack Mount Solid Sate SD/USB Recorders & Players - with HOTSTARTS using RC-F400S remote control


The largest selection of sound monitoring
products for the professional
New product - TM 7 & TM 9 TouchMonitor series more...

Big value multitrackers

Got a digital interface problem? DIP will Solve it




New Prodys Codec Products

ProntoNet -
he Ultimate Choice In
IP Audio Codecs &
ISDN Audio Codecs

ProntoNet completes the PRODYS audio codecs family improving the features provided in previous models.
Based on the Motorola 56311 DSP, ProntoNet extends its performance possibilities as dual audio codec & supports MPEG2/4 AAC LC
& LD amongst its coding algorithms & bidirectional uncompressed audio transmission via IP...

ProntoNet LC+
The Smart Choice.
(replaces the well respected Pronto 3)

ProntoNet LC+ is a cost effective solution for Voice Over IP & ISDN communication at an affordable price.

To learn more about ProntoNet LC+
and other Prodys Codecs.....

Prodys Latest Product:

IkusNet - Portable HD Video & Audio Codec for IP & 3G/4G - Changing the way News contribution is established.

A very flexable robust all in one Video & Audio codec designed for effecient news gathering & subsmission to base using IP and 3G protocols. - more......

Also see: IkusNet ST Base Station....

Nomada IP XL - 4 mic/Line + Line input.
4 Headphone & 2 Aux Line Outputs.

The all-new 4 Channel Portable
IP & ISDN codec from Prodys

If you need Audio Over IP in a robust portable unit - Checkout the
NEW Nomada IP XL from Prodys.....  

PCnet - Audio Codec Software.

New from Prodys an IP Audio Codec that operates directly from your PC.
Checkout this cost effective way to communicate high quality
audio over IP.....  

Nereus - A Multi Audio Codec System.

Prodys Nereus Multi IP, ISDN, X21 Audio Codec Modular Rack System...