Prodys, IKusNet.

A Portable HD Video & Audio Codec for IP & 3G/4G.

Designed for fast and reliable remote contribution across IP & 3G.

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Prodys, PCNet.

PC Audio Codec Software.

Running this user-friendly application on your PC provides a professional audio codec in those situations where dedicated hardware is not available.

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Prodys, Nomada IP XL.

A Portable Audio Codec for IP, ISDN and PSTN.

Nomada IP XL is a full-duplex, two channels ( Program & talkback) audio codec.

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New Audio Design, ProDAB-1. Professional DAB/DAB+/FM receiver & MP3 player.

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Image of ADR ProDAB-1

Image of Denon DN-F300 product.

Denon, DN-F300. A Solid State Audio Player.

Ideal for audio playback in a myriad of demanding applications, including Background Music (BGM), Fitness and Aerobics, DJ and Broadcast.
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Prodys, ProntoNet. The Ultimate Choice in IP & ISDN Audio Codecs.

A multi network audio codec family, with the widest range of compression algorithms for IP, ISDN & X21. Learn more »

Image of Prodys Protonet